In the Pays de la Loire, various training courses provide access to the Trades Non Destructive Testing, through academic programs, engineering schools, the Continuing Education! ...

Feel free to visit the sites of specific courses below


     * At the University of Maine in Le Mans (Sarthe), include the Professional License Non Destructive Testing

     * In Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), Master's degrees: Composite structures: Modeling and Advanced Process Technology

     * Professional training by Mr. X. Derobert to Ifsttar, (tel: 02 40 84 59 11) to colleagues in the RST-radar training (initiation) 1 times / year for 3 days - Introductory Training on the software Radan (traitementdonnées radar)

Also, do not hesitate to visit the sites of cluster partners ECND-PdL to find training and courses related to ECND.