ECND-PdL Thesis and post Doc


As part of collaborative research and sharing of expertise, several theses and post-doc have emerged within the competence center for ECND-PdL. Here are the current topics and publications relating thereto.

  Thesis 1:
"Integrated health monitoring of materials and structures by analysis of the ultrasonic coda"
Laboratories involved: LAUM / ESEO / IFSTTAR / ESTACA

Thesis 2:
"Optimizing the implementation of NDT techniques applied in-situ by statistical analysis"
Laboratories involved: GeM

Thesis 3:                                                                                                                                                                                   "Deconvolution of ultrasonic signals for adaptive control of complex materials"                                                                         Laboratories involved:  IRCCyN  - LAUM 

"Non-destructive evaluation of the density of civil engineering materials by coupling X-ray techniques and radar"
Laboratories involved: SUBATECH / IFSTTAR / LRPC

In addition, here below, written documents and oral presentations (progress points) on the various work and post-doctoral theses in progress: (private area, please login to access information) -