International Symposium - 21/22 Nov. 2011


International Symposium

« Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation: Physics, Sensors,
Materials and Information »

Monday, Thuesday 21rst and 22nd of November
Ecole Centrale de Nantes - IRCCyN

The Academic network ECND-PdL (Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation in the Pays de la Loire), which consists of 15 research laboratories, in the Region ( is organizing an International Workshop dedicated to scientific advances in recent research in "Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation : physics, sensors, materials and information”. The symposium will be held on the 21rst and 22nd of November 2011 from 9.00 to 18.00 at the “Ecole Centrale de Nantes” - France. Through conferences covering different scientific areas, this workshop aims to show the relevance of these methods for the characterization of materials and structures and thus foster interaction between physics, mechanical engineering, acoustics, signal processing (…)in the Region Pays de la Loire, but also at European and International levels. Among the invited speakers (See further the detailed program):

Jennifer Michaels, Georgia Tech, USA
Tomas Olofsson, Uppsala University, Sweeden,
Jan van der Kruk, Institute of Bio and Geosciences, Jülich, Germany
Marco Scalerandi, Ecole Polytechnique de Turin, Italy
Vitaly Gusev, IUF, Université du Maine, Le Mans
Christian Pichot du Mézeray, Université Nice-Sophia Antipolis, CNRS
Pierre-Yves Joubert, ENS Cachan

Other colleagues from Region Pays de la Loire France are also contribute to this event : J. Idier CNRS and Ecole Centrale de Nantes, G. Berthiau IREENA Université de Nantes Saint Nazaire, D. Leduc IREENA Nantes, F. Schoefs GEM Université de Nantes, V. Métivier Subatech Ecole des Mines de Nantes, F. Treyssede from IFSTTAR Nantes, R. El Guerjouma LAUM Université du Maine Le Mans,...These days are also an opportunity for doctoral students and post-doctorals to present their work in a poster session. This workshop could also offer opportunities to have some exchanges with the industrials.

Participation in the workshop is free, including the coffee break and lunch but preregistration is required to facilitate the organization : thank you for sending a mail to: including your name, organization and unity research.






 Monday November 21th                                                          

9h00-9h30 Welcoming, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Region Pays de la Loire

“Full-waveform modeling and inversion of high frequency electromagnetic data”
Jan Van Der Kruk, Institute of Bio and Geosciences, Jülich, Germany

10h10-10h40 “Fiber Optic Sensors for material and structural analysis: state of the art and

D. Leduc IREENA Université de Nantes, Saint Nazaire.

10h40 -11h00  Coffee break

11h-11h40 " Laser Ultrasonics: Recent Achievements and Perspectives"
V. Gussev Institut Universitaire de France, LPEC Université du Maine, CNRS, Le Mans.

11h40-12h "Methods of digital Fresnel holography for full field, contact less and non destructive
inspection of structures and materials".

Pascal Picart Université du Maine, CNRS, Le Mans

"Development of an Ultra-Wideband Measurement System for Subsurface Imaging.
Application to the Vaucluse Karst Aquifer"

J.-Y. Dauvignac, N. Fortino, F. Perret, S. Gaffet, M. Auguste, T. Monfret, G. Senechal, D.
Rousset, M. Yedlin, Ch. Pichot
Université Nice-Sophia Antipolis, CNRS

12h30 -14h Lunch

14h-14h40 “T. Olofsson and T. Stepinski, Frequency-domain SAFT for the Ultrasonic Inspection of
Coarse Grained Metals”

T. Olofsson,  UPSSALA University, Sweeden

14h40-15h10 "Ultrasonic non destructive testing based on sparse deconvolution"
J. Idier, IRCCyN Ecole Centrale de Nantes, CNRS

15h10- 15h40 " Recent progress in modeling the propagation of elastic guided waves in civil
engineering cables"

F. Treyssède and L. Laguerre, IFSTTAR Nantes

15h40-17h30 Coffee break and POSTER SESSION

18h Closing of the day


Tuesday November 22nd

9h00-09h30 “Quantitative evaluation of contactless impact echo for nondestructive assessment of
void detection within tendon ducts”
F. Schoefs, O. Abraham*, GeM Université de Nantes,
*IFSTTAR Nantes.

9h30-10h10 “Preisach-Mayergoyz Models of elastic hysteresis and application in Non Destructive
Testing and Evaluation”
M. Scalerandi Applied Science and Technology Department Politecnico
di Torino, Torino, Italy

10h10-10h30  Coffee break

10h30-11h10 "Ultrasonic Guided Waves in Plates: Challenges and Methods for in situ
Nondestructive Evaluation"
Jennifer E. Michaels, Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA

11h10-11h40 " Damage Characterization by Means of NonLinear Acoustics and Acoustic
Emission : New Trends for Materials Non Destructive Testing and Structural Health Monitoring"
R. EL Guerjouma, M. Bentahar, J.H. Thomas and A. El Mahi LAUM, Université du Maine,
CNRS Le Mans

11h40-12h10 "Toward Non Destructive density measurement using X-ray scattering for roadway
V. Metivier SUBATECH, Ecole des Mines de Nantes

12h10 -14h Lunch

14h-14h40 “Towards a global approach for the design of electromagnetic NDT systems” P.Y. Joubert, SATIE
ENS Cachan, CNRS

14h40-15h10 " Nanosensors for structural monitoring in civil engineering: New insight on
promising carbon nanotubes devices and contribution to the smart city concept
B. Lebental

"Modeling of composites carbons with inducto-thermal technique
G. Berthiau, B. Ramdane, D. Trichet, J. Fouladgar, T. Saïdi , IREENA, CRTT Saint-Nazaire - France


15h40- 16h00: Coffee break

16h00-16h30 " Thermal compensated Coda wave interferometry analysis to study the direct
tensile behavior of concrete "
Yuxiang Zhang(a) ECND-PdL PhD student, Odile Abraham (b),
Vincent Tournat (a), Frédéric Grondin (e), Ahmed Loukili (e), Alain Le Duff (c), Bertrand
(d), Olivier Durand (a) (a) LAUM Université du Maine CNRS, (b) IFSTTAR Nantes, (c)
ESEO Angers, (d) ESTACA Laval, (e) GeM Ecole Centrale de Nantes

16h30-17h00 "Optimization of NDT measurements for structural reliability assessment in case of
spatial variability"
T.V. Tran (a) ECND-PdL PhD student, F. Schoefs (a), E. Bastidas (a), G.
(b), X. Derobert (b), J. Idier (c) , (a) GeM Université de Nantes, (b) IFSTTAR Nantes, (c)
IRCCYN Ecole Centrale de Nantes

17h Closing  of the symposium


How to join the symposium?

By Nantes train station (North Exit)

Take the Tramway :

* Line 1 direction "commerce" get off "commerce" * and take another line : line 2 direction "Orvault Grand val" get off "Ecole Centrale de Nantes - Sup de Co". At the entrance ask for IRCCyN.

Warning ! to "Commerce", line 2 is on the same quay that line 3. You should be taken the "Orvault Grand val" direction and avoid the "Sillon de Bretagne" direction.