The materials of industrial structures and civil engineering works are in progress. Conditions of use, more and more severe, have their life extended.

In this context, methods of Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation (NDTE) play an increasing role in the diagnosis of materials and structures.

Genesis Project

Since 2005, several laboratories in the region Pays de la Loire dedicated wholly or dealing with issues NDTE begin a reflection on a collaborative framework of work. The dynamic characteristic of the theme both at regional and national level is evident.

Subsequently, many exchanges, including one organized by the NDTE day Cofrend and LAUM (Acoustics Laboratory of the University of Maine - Le Mans) in June 2006, open to the national community, in the lead of a project "Emergence collective" supported by the Region Pays de la Loire, to the creation of a regional skills center around this theme for which the driver is LAUM.

The ECND-Pays de la Loire Cluster (ECND-PdL), was born.
** Click here to see the project from the pole ECND-PdL as it was presented in June 2010 (In french)

This division, which includes 15 laboratories in the Region Pays de la Loire, aims to develop basic and applied research, structured, advancing knowledge in the field of NDTE, to meet the challenges R & D in the industrial sector regional and national supporting and a technology transfer activity in this area sustainable.

To do this, the focus is on differentiating the specific contributions including consolidating our region in the center of excellence ECND-PdL:

- Major regional players in this field both at fundamental and applied
- Partners with expertise in key research NDTE, such as information processing and inverse problems, instrumentation, mechanics of materials.