Objectives and Strategy

In the region Pays de la Loire, Non Destructive Testing  concerns both academic research centers for basic research as more applied research or industry. Imperatives and constraints of these actors are depending on their own business objectives which also involve separate targets for the pole ECND-Pdl.

          I - OBJECTIVES

          For the academic sector

     * Create a structured framework of NDT activity in the Pays de la Loire
     * Amplifier existing collaborations and create new
     * Promote a coordinated emergence of this activity at the regional level
     * Develop a national or even international visibility of NDTE in the region Pays de la Loire

           For industry

     * Create a collaborative framework of NDTE in Pays de la Loire meets the R & D issues of regional and national industry
     * Promote technology transfer activity of the enduring field region


Promote cross the NDTE:

       From the material in the diagnosis

       In the application areas: Engineering, Aerospace, Naval ...


                                             Structure: four thematic groups